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About Us




Our Mission

Office of Student Affairs(OSA) aims at cultivating sound and talented medical and scientific professionals who have a concern for humanity, so that they can respect and live life to the full, as well as implement the school motto of "benevolent mind and art, putting knowledge into practice" to make contributions to the society in the future.


To facilitate the all-round personal development and growth of our students,

1.   We instill in students the moral values, social conscience and ethical sense through various activities;

2.   Provide a pleasant learning and living environment;

3.   Provide abundant opportunities for students to learn and grow, such as service-learning and courses of learning life experiences with wisdom by mentor’s conducting at undergraduate department, developing viewpoints and skills of leadership at student clubs, and engaging in different cultures exchanges to expand great vision, etc.

4.   In addition, we help our students to make complete preparations for finding suitable jobs where they can demonstrate their talents in knowledge and personality.