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Dean's Office


Hold student affairs meetings in order to gather student opinions; handles various OSA affairs and project planning.
Review Committee for Student Appeal: 
Hold the Review Committee for Student Appeal.  According to the related regulations, students can file a complaint about illegal or improper punishments or actions that damage their rights to receive education.
Gender Equity Education Committee: 
Hold the Gender Equity Education Committee Establishment Regulations.  According to the related regulations, a victim or other party may file a complaint, report and/or ask for help in matters relating to gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual violence committed by any NYMU staff member or student.


In order to facilitate full human development of our students, we have four sections to strive toward the goals as follows:    


1. Living Guidance & Overseas Chinese Students Section

The office is in charge of student housing service and cafeteria hygiene management. We aim at making our students feel at home, with a safe and healthy environment to live in.   At the same time, we promote moral education to make our students have a good character and behavior as their habits in daily life.

The Overseas Chinese Student Section is established to provide guidance and counseling service for study, everyday living and other problems that affect overseas chinese students who have enrolled in any undergraduate and graduate program at NYMU.


2. The Extracurricular Activities Section

The Extracurricular Activities Section provides guidance in organizing  the clubs and extra-curricular activities for all kinds of student clubs, including service-based, musical, sports, recreational, academic, religious and self-regulated clubs of NYMU.  We help student clubs to organize inter-school and international activities, and aid in organizing high school student medical camps as well as college/university student cultural and medical camps.  Besides, we promote mentor courses to help undergraduate students learn more on life experiences and wisdom.  We also provide information and services on grants and scholarships, opportunities of service-learning, and part-time jobs in campus.


3. The Health and Medical Care Section

The objective of Health and Medical Care Section is to promote NYMU staff and students’ health by encouraging them to be concerned about their physical and mental health.


4. Career Development Section

Career Development Section helps students to understand themselves and external environment through guidance in career planning, to develop correct occupational  views as well as job application skills, and provides students information of jobs and continuing education, so that they can complete their career planning and get ready for work before graduating from NYMU.